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Name: Shanice Brown

Age: 18 years old

Programme: Level 3 Engineering Advanced Apprenticeship

Pathway: Engineering

After finishing her GCSE's at Sweyne Park school in Rayleigh, Essex. Shanice Brown already knew the direction that she would like to take with her career. Whilst studying she had found that she excelled in practical subjects and enjoyed the feeling of working in a creative environment. As a result, at age 16, Shanice participated in work experience at a local Car Mechanics. This had been organised through the Trident work placement scheme and allowed Shanice to sample her future career path.

After school Shanice started to work for her Dad (an engineer), whom first sparked her interest in the practice. Her Dad however already had an apprentice and suggested Prospects due to his prior knowledge about the subject. After enquiring about courses Shanice decided to attend one of the many open evenings that Prospects college provides. This allowed her to understand more about the course and the facilities the college had on offer.

On attending the open evening she decided there and then that Prospects college was the place of study for her to start on the road to becoming a qualified engineer. Progressing her education to a Level 3 Engineering Apprenticeship, Shanice then sought to secure a job. After some searching she found Selex Galileo (A defence contractor), which for her was an exciting opportunity only available to her through her qualifications and hands on work experience.

However, the position she applied for had heavy competition. Over 100 other individuals had applied for the role. Despite this, Shanice impressed and was one of the very few to be invited to a test day and later an interview which would confirm her position at the company.

When asked about the program Shanice speaks very highly about the experience she has had. She has enjoyed "being treated like an adult whilst gaining skills for her trade". Furthermore the ability to "earn money whilst learning" has been a big benefit to Shanice and her independence. In the future Shanice wants to continue working with Salex Galileo who have given her this opportunity, before eventually taking over her fathers firm when he retires.

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